To sort-of quote the late Anthony Aloysius St John Hancock…

“Stone me! It’s like waiting for a bus. You hang around for ages then two operations come at once!”

Last Wednesday I found out that I have been approved for funding for weight loss surgery. I spent a couple of days in a confused but blissful fog. It hasn’t yet sunk in and I doubt it will until I’m being wheeled into theatre at Taunton. I have to attend an ‘information session’ and have a medical, and then I go on the waiting list. It should all be done and dusted within the next few months.

Just as I’m trying to absorb that news; a phone call comes in from the hospital regarding another niggling little health problem I have, something which has kept me from working for the last 18 months or so. You see, every fortnight or so, it all gets a bit “Sam Peckinpah’s Salad Days” around here.

Which is a bit frustrating to say the least and not at all nice to deal with in the workplace.

Last year I went in to hospital to have these frequent and massive bleeds investigated, but unfortunately I was then too big for them to complete the procedure. Now I’ve lost more weight I’m going back in for another go, and this time they’re going to do it under general anaesthetic.

So yes. It’s like waiting for a bus.

What don’t kill ya will make ya more strong!

In the meantime, I’m enjoying the facilities offered by my local leisure centre. I decided to give some classes a try after becoming a little bit bored of the treadmill, so last week I gave Meditation, Yoga and Boxfit a try. Meditation was a great help in calming my chattering mind. Yoga taught me some soothing poses and challenging stretches. Boxfit gave me a chance to hit things. I loved them all and will be back for more as soon as I can. This week, I’m going to try a Pilates class followed by a Dance class. Yes, two classes together… whatever doesn’t kill me can only make me stronger, right? Right? James Hetfield says so!