My desk is, as usual, covered with letters from various NHS establishments. Two of the letters I keep looking at over and over because the reality of it all is taking some time to sink in. I have dates for the next two stages in the Weight Loss Surgery process – an information session in which I’ll find out more about the operation and what to expect afterwards and an afternoon of assessments with surgeons, anaesthetists and dieticians. The information session is on the third Wednesday of this month, and the assessment is the following Wednesday and between the two I have… an operation. And this all takes place the week after my 40th Birthday.

Last week I had my pre-op for the other operation. The surgeon was confident all will go well but the final decision on whether to put me under general anaesthetic will happen when I’m on the ward that morning. If all goes according to plan it should stop my life becoming an early Peter Jackson film every couple of weeks. So in the meantime I’m doing my best to keep active and eat well. It’s all happening, but I’m ready. Thanks to my regular visits to Boxfit I’m developing a mean right hook.