Well, this is another set that’s too long ago to remember much of the ‘story’, but I don’t think there really was one. We went to Teignmouth. I took some photos.

Most of them are in my usual sort of style, but I processed one of them quite differently, in ON1 Photo, going for a heavy ‘vintage postcard’ look. It’s to something I’d usually do, then or now, but it does kind of work for this particular shot.

Yes, the old time filter effect *is* a bit naff, isn’t it? It’s a real old-fashioned pier, though, with many things on it that look like they’re older than this picture effect. Done with onOne’s Perfect B&W, using the Ambrose filter. Hello, Lis.

Other than that, the most noticeable thing for me is just how many panographs I made at that time. I think I was experimenting with different software for doing them, and really enjoyed making them. I’d like to get back into them, but it might be a bit of a challenge on the iPad. I’m sure Affinity Photo can do it, though, so maybe I’ll have a try sometime soon.

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