Marsh Barton

Just a wander around Marsh Barton, taking some photos. Let’s just see the photos.

Industrial and Retail Packaging. And a splendidly retro-style sign. Edited in onOne’s Perfect Effects. Added detail and a bleach bypass filter, but used the perfect brush to mask out the sign, because it was too beautiful to risk spoiling.
:/ Windows in an industrial building in Marsh Barton, Exeter. Processed with onOne Perfect Effects’ Daily Vitamin filter.

A couple of interesting ones. The Land Rover is a simple panograph – made up of a few photos glommed together.

Joined up with PanoEdit on Mac. Tone and detail tweaked with onOne Perfect B&W. Land Rover was for sale in Marsh Barton.

The one of Sam with the sign was a nice concept, but didn’t really work because the sign was much too high. In the photo, it just didn’t look connected enough to Sam to work. So I edited it to lower the sign.

Sam and a Sign. Sam is going to be getting weight loss surgery soon, which is going to be a bit of a big change for her, so the sign seemed appropriate. The sign was a bit too high up the post, so I moved it down with Pixelmator. I then cropped to a square, and moved it back into Aperture, to pass on to onOne’s Perfect B&W to bring out the detail a bit, using the Ansel in the Valley filter (with film grain removed and vignette increased).

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