Since I’m not currently working and have pretty much put my life on hold until I’ve had surgery, I decided to take part in a study to help find out more about the differences between Gastric Bypass and Gastric Band. A few weeks ago I went back to Musgrove Park for the first appointment. After a lot of questions and a huge amount of blood tests (on the Hancock scale it was well on its way to an armful), my details were entered into an online form and my fate was decided by a virtual coin toss.

And I’m now on the waiting list for…. Gastric Band. Of the two operations this one involves less time on the operating table and less time in hospital. It’s adjustable and if things go dreadfully wrong, it can be removed.

Hah. After months of being told that Bypass was my only option because I was at too high a risk of regain, the lovely folks at Taunton thought otherwise and since they’re experts in their field I’m happy to accept their opinion. So, what happens now? I wait for my letter. That could be a couple of months yet. But all the preliminary stuff is over. The decision has been made, everyone’s happy, I just need to wait for my date.