Event: Mid Devon Show 2013

There should be a bit more story around this, but it’s 2020 now and it happened in 2013, so it’s a long time ago. It was a very wet day, with heavy rain for much of the show day.

It was a bit damp at the Mid Devon Show, but the show must go on. As must the cow, even if there’s an umbrella in the way.

I wrapped the camera (Sony NEX-6 back then) in a plastic bag to keep it dry, and carried on shooting.

Fortunately, wet cars look good, and the same rule works for tractors too.

The front of a tractor.
An old tractor at the Mid Devon Show.
The front of an old Jaguar, at the Mid Devon Show. Processed with onOne’s Perfect Effects. Maybe all photographers go through a phase of adding silly borders to everything. It certainly looks that way on Flickr, and I’ve never liked it. Now I’m doing it.
A Mini’s bum. Taken at the Mid Devon Show. Processed in onOne’s Perfect B&W. Yes, B&W, but applied at less than 100%, so the colour shows through.

A few more photos from the day…

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