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It was very wet. I had my camera wrapped in plastic, with just the lens poking out, so any shots I got were a bit random. I couldn’t see what the camera was looking at, and much of the time, I couldn’t see much at all!

Soggy People at the Mid Devon Show

I’m not sure if she was unimpressed at being photographed while getting soaked, just wondering what the hell I was doing pointing a bundle of wet plastic at people, or just wondering who the nutter was wandering around in a t-shirt and looking perfectly happy. It’s been very warm recently, and I was kind of enjoying the chance to cool down. I may have looked a bit strange, but I’m used to that.

I used onOne Perfect Effects for this one rather than Perfect B&W. I tried B&W first, and loved the look it gave with the high film speed filters, but it does unfortunate things to skin. I did a similar look in Effects, and used a masking brush to brush the effect out, letting their smooth skin show through.