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John Lewis Roof Joiner

The roof garden in John Lewis, Exeter.

This turned out to be quite a troublesome edit. Despite only being three images, the resulting edit in onOne Perfect B&W gave me a message telling me it was over 2Gb, and would be exported in a special large version of a PSD file. Which Aperture couldn’t then open. I had to find the PSD file sitting in the Aperture library, open it with Pixelmator, and export it from there as a JPEG (I could have used other formats for better quality), then import that back into Aperture, and remove the orphaned PSD from the library. The result is kind of nice, but it was far too much effort.

Hopefully at some point either Aperture will learn to open large PSD files, or onOne will get the sense not to send Aperture files it can’t open.