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It was all looking so good…

I had hoped that the thirteenth instalment of my surgical adventures would open with the exciting announcement of an operation date, or maybe tales of life on the liver reduction diet and how I’d gladly remove a limb for some sweet, sweet carbohydrates.

Sadly, it was not to be.

In the months following my last post, I had so much confidence that things were going to go according to plan that I had made a start on planning post-op life. After nearly two years at home I have been chomping at the bit to get going with something again, so I decided to apply for college. Because, according to estimates at the time, I was bound to be done and dusted by September. Since college was only going to be a few hours a week, I figured I’d try to get a job too. So I applied for a Care Assistant job at the nursing home just next door to me. I was totally honest in the application, and in the interview… I would be having Gastric Band in a matter of weeks, I wouldn’t be off long, and after that, we’d be well away. They offered me a job. Things were looking pretty damn spiffing.

Sadly, again, it was not to be.

My regular phone calls to Admissions got me nowhere. For someone whose surgery had been described as ‘imminent’, there certainly wasn’t much imminence in the information I was getting. I spoke to the lady involved with the ‘By-Band’ study. There had been a problem. I was to be discussed at a meeting that very afternoon. Turns out, those lovely people who had referred me to the bariatric team had intervened and weren’t happy to find out I had been allocated a nice, easy, Gastric Band. So, to cut a long and bureaucratic story short, the plans have been changed, I’m now having Gastric Bypass again. Oh. Bye, band.

Well, I say now… now would be silly. In a while would be over-optimistic. This side of Christmas would be a fluffy great lie. The estimated date for my surgery is now February 2014. This (relatively) quick operation which I hoped would be out of the way before work or college is not going to happen for another six months, and when it does, I’ll need about a month off to recover.

In the meantime, I have a new job starting soon – fortunately it’s “bank” work so I can work as and when I feel able to, and it’s hopefully all systems go for college soon too (I’m at the mercy of Student Finance on that one – Asgard give me strength).

Right now life feels like a classic Morecambe & Wise bit – I’m making all the right changes, but not necessarily in the right order. I’ll give you that, sunshine.