Paris Street, Exeter (Joiner) – Take 2

Paris Street Exeter  Joiner

I used a combination of effects and software for this one. I did this as an improvement on the previous one, as I wasn’t quite happy with how it had turned out. Also, I suddenly discovered that I can process a whole batch of images from Aperture in onOne Perfect Photo Suite at once. Select multiple photos, Edit with Plug-in, Perfect Batch 8, and then tell it what to do with them. The results return to Aperture.

The first step this time was to test one of the images of the buildings opposite with my Dark Drama filter. It looked pretty good, so I then selected the 39 photos that make up that part, sent them to onOne Perfect Batch 8, and applied the filter. As an aside here, I’ve been using the beta version of Perfect Photo Suite since the first beta was released, and have found it good and reliable. A few features haven’t worked properly, but each new beta has fixed things, and it’s been quite usable. I’ll be upgrading.

I then chucked the 39 processed files at the ever-reliable PanoEdit, and let it stitch them together, then imported the result back into Aperture.

I went through a similar process to the first bit with the photos of the railing along the edge, including shots at each end. For these, I used the black and white ‘Machinist Dark’ preset – I use the two Machinist presets a lot. I then pushed these shots and the previous result into DoubleTake, and turned off its stitching. I dragged the individual images around until it all looked good to me, then sent the result you see here back to Aperture.

Aperture tells me the resulting image file is ‘30027 × 14604 (438.5 MP)’ – that’s a big image. The TIFF file that came back to Aperture is 1.6Gb. Images like this would have been pretty much impossible with my MacBook Air, but I’ve just upgraded to a MacBook Pro Retina 15”, and it makes much lighter work of it.

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