Paris Street, Exeter (Joiner) – Take 1

Taken from the top of Princesshay car park, looking down onto Paris Street, towards the John Lewis store to the left, and the bus station on the right.

Paris Street Exeter  Joiner

By my count, it’s made up of a total of 56 source photos. There’s a batch of photos of the other side of the road, across to each side, all automatically stitched together by PanoEdit. I then opened the result from PanoEdit with all the photos of the railing I was standing at, into DoubleTake, and used that to make a manual construction. I knew the railing parts wouldn’t be possible to stitch automatically, so I did an intentionally rough job with those myself, following approximately along the edge of the PanoEdit stitched image. The result is a bit huge, but I like it.

I later decided this one wasn’t as good as it should be, and did another edit. The next photo will be an improved (hopefully!) version of this joiner.

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