Eden Project

Yes, you’ve seen photos of the Eden Project before around here. I’ve been a few times, and taken a whole load of photos each time. If you’re bored of them, give up now. This is just another load of photos from Eden. Here goes…

At the entrance to the Eden Project. A horse made from driftwood. This is actually a couple of photos stitched together by PanoEdit., then given a bit of extra detail and vignette by onOne Perfect B&W.
Lots of shots, all processed first in onOne Perfect B&W, then stitched together in PanoEdit.
The WEEEMan sculpture from behind, taken from the path down into the Eden Project. Stitched together from a whole bunch of photos by the magic of PanoEdit.
An old brightly-painted sugar truck inside the rain forest biome at the Eden Project
Good for heart and soul.
A couple of stools in the Eden Project.
The bottom of the Seed art installation, in The Core building at the Eden Project.

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I live in Tiverton, Devon, UK. I work at Cult Pens, an online pen shop, which is fun for a geek with a pen obsession. PigPog is my personal site, mainly for my photography.

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