Mid Devon Show 2014

This will be heavy on photos, and light on story, because I’m writing this in 2020, and it happened in 2014. I’m old. I struggle enough to remember what happened yesterday. Last week is a real challenge. Over five years ago? No, no idea.

I took photos, and I’m even in the reflections, so I guess I must have been there. Lots of cars coming soon, but lets start with cute animals. Because who doesn’t like cute animals?

OK, enough to get you started? Good. On with the cars…

There was also a stunt bike show by Squibb Freestyle. Most entertaining when you don’t know about it, and you look around and suddenly see a motorbike way up in the air above everything else.

A few other random bits and pieces…

Oh. And there was a sheep. Well, it is a country show. There are always sheep.


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