Event: Castle Hill Car Festival 2014

I know this is dated as 2014, but that’s when the event happened. It’s 2020 now, so, being old, I don’t remember it well enough to be writing this now. But I took lots of photos, including some really nice ones of some very nice cars, and they’re doing much good composting on a drive here.

Further down, there will be lots of more ‘posed’ photos, including some pretty Ferrari and Lamborghini cars, and some classics too, but we’ll start, as I started the event, with a little racetrack they had set up.

It was a short, straight run, with a loop back at a little turning space at the end, with a hillside where we could stand to watch. I’d set up with a monopod, which worked pretty well for keeping this steady. I was using my NEX-6, with an old adapted Canon FD 70-210 lens. Manual focus wasn’t too much of a problem, given the straight track, so it worked out quite well.

A bit more panning and letting the background streak out would have looked nice, but this isn’t really my kind of photography, so I think I did ok. It was fun to try, anyway.

This was the hillside we were standing on to watch:

The hillside for watching the car races at the Castle Hill Car Festival. I was at the front, with the track behind me.

There was a little tent nearby with some racing cars and bikes on show.

One of the real racing cars did the little track, too, but it didn’t seem as impressive as it was supposed to be. It was probably faster than the other cars, but there wasn’t enough distance for it to get really noticeably fast before it got to the turning point at the end. And there was a bit of a problem there. These cars don’t have tight turning circles. And they don’t have a reverse gear.

So they had people at the end with a trolley jack, and when it got to the end, they jacked it up, and used the trolley to pull it round in a circle until it was facing the other way. Then it drove back down.

Anyway, I’m talking about cars, and I don’t really know anything about cars, so let’s get back to the photos. A few people, and a bit of Bentley.

That’s probably quite enough Bentley for one post. It’s ok, there are lots of other cars.

Yep, that was a Lamborghini. They made it orange so you wouldn’t miss it.

Next came a car that I think is pretty rare, certainly not something we see around Devon very often. A Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale. It’s a track-focussed version of the 360 Modena, with a pretty stripe down the middle.

I’ll end the commentary there, as we’ve about reached the limit of my knowledge, but there are lots more photos. We’re going to have to break for another page at this point, though, so we don’t upset any browsers – it’s over 150 photos in total, which can be a bit much, especially on a mobile connection.

It was a really good event, but sadly, this was the last year it happened – too many problems, and probably just not making enough money to be worth it, which is a real shame.

Anyway, if you want to see more photos, mainly of classic cars, carry on to page 2

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