We were in Birmingham with Charlie. Sadly, very few photos of Charlie, because that just wasn’t what I did back then. We started with breakfast, joined by Pog. Which was a little embarrassing. He stared at me, judging.

We had a bit of a wander.

Birmingham has a lot of canals. Usually if you mention this, someone will tell you Birmingham has more miles of canals than Venice, though I think that’s mainly because it’s much bigger. It does have quite a lot of canals, though.

Someoone steps from boat to boat on the canal in Birmingham.

And Spock wished us well. Which was nice.

Live long and prosper.

There was some sort of science fair going on outside the library, which was fun. Someone with a Geiger counter was offering to check people for radiation. My camera tuned out not to be radioactive, but I didn’t have the old Canon lens with me with radioactive lens elements in the back, which might have been more interesting to check.

Getting the kids to try an experiment that made little tubs pop and fly into the air. Here, one of the tubs has popped, and is in the air, as the woman running the experiment looks justifiably pleased with it. The tub is in the air, on the left, in front of the logo where it says “TRAILS”.

Speaking of the library…

Then we wandered up New Street.

We were all ready for refreshment by that point, and Pog had made a friend to share some Sanpellegrino with.

The Bull Ring had changed a bit since I was a student in Birmingham. I used to pass through the area regularly, and wander around the rag market, but I couldn’t recognise much of it.

We carried on to the Arcadian Centre, for sushi.

The next set aren’t particularly good photos, but there was some sort of event going on there, with acrobatics in the middle of the shops and restaurants. A few nice ones follow.

We found a mirrored ceiling on New Street, near the station, so grabbed some quick group selfies.

And finally – some coloured stripes in the pavement. Probably with some sort of meaning or purpose, but they looked good so I photographed them.

Stripes in the pavement, in Birmingham.

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