Paignton Zoo

We went to Paignton Zoo. You probably guessed that from the title.

It’s a zoo, and it’s in Paignton. I hope you’re here for the photos, not the highly imaginative storytelling. We met this big fella at the entrance.

A gorilla sculpture at the entrance to Paignton Zoo.

I think we also met Rupert Murdoch there.

Other birds were available.

The real gorillas were a bit less colourful, but more impressive.

I was even more captivated to see a real live librarian, though. Ook. There was even a baby orang-utan with its mother.

We ventured into Lemur Wood, though I failed to get any decent photos of the lemurs, which is a shame, because I’m very fond of lemurs.

If I remember rightly, I didn’t really have the right lens with me for the zoo – we hadn’t planned to go, so I was a bit limited.

A few more photos…

A pano of the island of flamingoes at Paignton Zoo, put together with DoubleTake. Roughly done on purpose. It’s like doing a jigsaw puzzle when there are enough source photos.

There were baboons. Including baby baboons. Baby baboon, it’s a baby baboon. Now I have a song stuck in my head.

Slower critters were available too. Big tortoises.

Oh, ok, I did manage to get one photo of a lemur, but it’s pretty bad. Still showing it, though, because lemurs are awesome.

Another favourite for me – capybaras. Or possibly guinea pigs a bit closer than I thought. There’s no way to tell.

Capybaras are big and cute. Problem is, capybaras just look like big guinea pigs. So how can you tell if this is a capybara with a baby capybara, or if they just put a perfectly normal guinea pig in there to fool us. I can’t tell.

Zebras and Ostriches, together at last.

No, I’m not sure why I thought I should glom several photos together to make a big photo of an ostrich, but I did.

An ostrich. Maybe I liked the idea of making a pano (made using DoubleTake) out of a bunch of photos for the artistic effect, and to give more of an impression of movement and life to this animated creature. Or maybe I was just too lazy to change lenses. You decide.


There’s a reptile enclosure, too, with bitey things and sneks.

That’s followed by a tropical bird enclosure, and a desert area.

On the way out, we found even more exotic creatures.

One of the less exotic creatures at Paignton Zoo, but the cat only seemed to be visiting.

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