Devon County Show 2015

Still with me from Page 1? Good, let’s continue with some tractors and traction engines…

A pano made with Affinity Photo. Old farm machinery, driven by a traction engine – actually being driven from the belt, which was attached to what I assume was a much more recent tractor.
A pipe organ engine at the traction engine display at the Devon County Show


Owls, a display of falconry, and llamas and alpacas.

Titan the Robot

Titan was around, doing little shows around the grounds. A huge, tall robot, carried from place to place on a kind of small car/transporter/carrier thing. He does comedy routines to the crowd.

He saw me photographing him, and got rather close.

Wikipedia has a bit of information on how it’s done, but it’s very effective in person, and very smoothly run.


A few shots that don’t fit in anywhere above. Ferret Racing and Duck Handling events being proudly declared kind of set the tone for the whole thing – it’s a show with a strangely enjoyable rural charm, while also being a huge and very professionally run event.

Fence posts. A pano made in Affinity Photo.

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