The Doctor Who Experience

I won’t bother with a lot of story around these photos. They’re from 2015, but I’m writing this in 2020, and the Doctor Who Experience closed down. I like Doctor Who, but in a half-assed enough way that if I try to add background to the characters, I’m sure I’d get a lot wrong, too.

I had to photograph a pair of headphones, because they’re the exact ones I remember my dad having when I was a child. (Yes, some would say I still am, but I’m old now, just childish.)

There’s something a bit unnerving about Cybermen, even when they’re just manikins.

Don’t blink.

And Daleks. At least I got to find out what the view is like from inside one.

The costumes. I decided to go with photographing just parts of them, aiming for the most recognisable parts of each character. I rather like the results.

And a few final shots.

It’s a shame it closed – the ‘experience’ part was quite fun, running around solving a mystery with recordings sent from The Doctor; and the exhibition part was really good – just a load of props out on display, really, but nicely presented, and a lot of history there.

We spent a while in Cardiff while we were there, so I took a few photos there too.

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