The Feast of St James 2015

We only called in at this event fairly briefly, which is why this is only a small post, but I got a few nice photos. It’s an annual event now in Tiverton, and I think it’s connected to the Portas scheme. It’s a celebration of the town charter, and has a medieval theme. We met local artist Jo Mortimer as we passed through, and I got a few shots of the fencers on the way back.

The most interesting story, to me, at least, is the photo of the two people from behind, walking hand-in-hand. They were beautiful, and I went from possibly taking a photo to raising the camera quickly when they passed me and I saw the Captain America shield backpack one of them was wearing. Awesome. A few weeks later, my wife started a new job, and started telling me about one of her colleagues. I soon realised her colleague was the one on the left, Natalia, and her partner, D, is the one with the shield. We’re now good friends with the people I’d photographed a month before meeting them.

That photo also had a bit more editing than I usually like to do, as there was a distracting part-person sticking into shot from the left, which I wanted to remove. I couldn’t crop them out, though, because they overlapped the woman walking with the bag. I could have cropped her out, but it would have left the framing far too close to the left of Natalia, which would have ruined the composition. I edited them out, then had to draw the woman’s foot back in. It’s also faded in colour somewhat, but then brought back with a mask over Natalia and D.

Tech Stuff

I’m fairly sure everything here was taken with my Voigtlander Nokton Classic 40mm f/1.4 lens on my Sony NEX-6. It’s the combination I use most of the time, and it’s great for general street photography.

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