Devon North Coast (Pano)

** You might need to click for the bigger sizes to see much detail – I’ve exported this one at 8192px across, so there’s plenty to see. ** The North coast of Devon, between Minehead and Lynton/Lynmouth. This view suddenly appears, and there’s space for a couple of cars to park. You have to cross the road in an awkward place, and stand on a small bit of flat-ish ground before the land falls away towards the sea, far below. The road is fairly straight at this point, so the view is pretty much 180° from left to right. This is made up of over 160 photos, though some aren’t visible in the final result. I first took a good coverage of shots with my Voigtlander 40mm Nokton Classic lens, until I knew I had enough to make the basic pano in the middle. I then switched to my Leica Elmar 135mm, and took plenty of shots of the more interesting detailed bits. The whole thing is put together entirely in Affinity Photo. I put all the 40mm lens shots together first, and saved a snapshot so I could always revert to that. I put all the shots making up that basic pano into a group of layers, to keep things a bit more tidy, then imported all the 135mm shots (over 90 of them). I slowly gathered these into groups that went together, and built several of them as extra panos to go around the edge of the main pano. I think the end result is really seven panos, but all presented as one. The final result was 14,856 pixels across. I’ve resized it down a fair bit for here, but still quite huge.

See Flickr for bigger version.
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