Walker Stalker Con 2016, London

The Rest

(Continued from Page 1) You’ve seen the best, now try the rest. If you still want to see more photos, I don’t think these were the best from the day, but they did turn out well enough, or showed something interesting:

Tech Stuff

I travelled light for this event, leaving my MacBook at home. I have an iPad Mini now, which is great for travelling, and with the SD card reader, I can get stuff from camera to iPad on the go. As it turned out, that’s not quite what I did on this trip. I actually transferred photos from camera to my iPhone, using the same adapter. It’s a bit easier to use an iPhone in the crowds, and a bit easier to post stuff online directly from there, so I could tweet photos very quickly after they happened when I wanted to.

By the end of the trip, I’d already copied almost all the photos to my phone, so they were in two places, which is good for extra safety. I only formatted the card once everything was copied off and uploaded to iCloud (I use Apple’s Photos app).

I was using my Sony NEX-6 camera, with only Leica-mount legacy lenses. For wandering around, I mainly used my usual favourite, the Voigtlander Nokton Classic 40mm f/1.4, sometimes swapping out for my Leica Tele-Elmarit 90mm. Unusually, I actually did use a little bit of autofocus, using Sam’s camera for a few shots of the celebrities at the panel – some of the photos of Andrew and Norman were taken with her NEX-6 with the Sony SEL55210 lens. I didn’t use any tripod or other support – it would only have been in the way.

In the end, it was a big event, with lots of queueing, and it was expensive – not worthwhile for me, and I won’t be going again. Sam loved it, though, and has already booked tickets for next year – a few seconds for a photo with Andrew Lincoln means a lot to Sam, and just doesn’t to me. The panel was fun, and watching the crowd was great, but not worth the money and effort for me. If it sounds like something you would enjoy, though, go for it – it was well organised, and there was plenty to see and do – as long as you don’t mind spending a lot of time in a queue!

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