Panorama Stitcher: PanoEdit Returns

My favourite panorama stitching software, PanoEdit, vanished a few years ago. The version I had still worked, but I’d been quite aware ever since that if a new version of OS X came along that it didn’t work with any more, I’d be a bit stuck. It’s not the only tool I use, but it’s the best thing I know of for what I do with it. It stitches panoramas quickly and easily, even if the individual files have been heavily processed in different ways, and produces a decent output.

It gives very little control over the process, so the result isn’t always quite what I want, but it’s quick and easy, and is a perfect base to layer images over later. I’d often make a basic pano with PanoEdit, then load the result into Affinity Photo, and layer some of the source images back over the top for a messier result, where I can pick and choose which bits are on top where.

Well, the man behind PanoEdit now has a new panorama stitcher called (a little unimaginatively) [Panorama Stitcher]. It’s in the Mac App Store, and it does exactly what PanoEdit did, with a somewhat modernised interface. There’s even a free version that only deals with up to five source images – good enough to try it out. If you want a simple stitcher that usually does a good job, or something to act as a base for more complicated projects, it’s what I’d recommend. I’ve tried everything similar I could find, in some cases very expensive options, and I still think it’s still the best at what it does.

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