Exeter Quayside, 2016-06-05

A whole bunch of photos with my new Sony Alpha 7 camera, at the quayside, Exeter. Boats, buoys and some interesting walls. Well, if you find walls interesting. I do.

I was in Exeter, and had some time to kill until I was meeting up with Sam again, so I decided on a wander around at the quayside. We’ve spent time there many times before, but hadn’t explored much at the other side of the river. I had only just got a new camera, too, which was all the more incentive to take a lot of photos. I’ve been using my Sony NEX-6 for around three and a half years now, and it’s been great, but I’ve just upgraded to the Sony Alpha 7. It has a full-frame sensor, which captures more detail than the NEX could, and gives all my legacy lenses a wider field of view.

Here’s the camera, after I’d taped it up to make it look a bit older and more beaten:

There were a lot of interesting walls around, for some reason.

I waited at one for a jogger to pass by, and caught a moment I rather liked.

Because it’s the quayside, there were interesting boats and buoys, too, which can make for some wonderful colours and textures.


There’s a nice area, too, with some stone benches, and I settled down on one for a while, to sit in the sun. With my iPad connected through my iPhone, I had good fast internet; and the Apple SD card lightning adapter made a really quick way to get photos from camera to iPad and tweet them.

Here’s the gallery of all the main photos:

There were information panels on the side of the big red and white buoy:

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