I love this little device:

Simple little trick there – it’s labelled to show which way up the card goes in, but in Apple style, it’s labelled with a tiny, pale ‘icon’ logo, which is quite difficult to see. Every time I grabbed it, I had to look carefully to see which way up it was, before I could put the card in. I taped a spare SD card to the bottom side with mt tape, so now I can tell by feel as I pull it out of the pouch it lives in.

The best part about this is that I always know where my second card is, and the time I’m most likely to need it is when I’m busy transferring files from the card to my iPad or iPhone while out and about. This means the spare card is handy, right when I might need it. If something interesting appears when I’m transferring photos, I can just peel the card off, and stick it in my camera, and carry on shooting.

If you don’t know about these adapters, they’re great if you use any recent iPad or iPhone and your camera uses SD cards – just pop the card out of the camera and into the adapter, plug the adapter into your device, and it opens Photos ready to transfer the images. If you shoot RAW, it will bring those in, and if you shoot RAW+JPEG, it brings them in as pairs. Once on the iOS device, if you use iCloud Photo Library, they’ll sync to everywhere else when you have WiFi.

My camera (Sony Alpha 7) has WiFi itself, so it can transfer images that way, but it’s slow, and only transfers JPEGs, so this way is quicker and neater.

When out and about taking photos, I’ll often stop somewhere to rest, and flick through my photos so far on my iPad, which also makes for a quick way to tweet or iMessage photos.

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