Event: Turner Locker Barnfield Revival 2016

A fun little vintage car show in a car park in Exeter. I’ve been to Turner Locker Barnfield Revival a few times now, and it’s always been good.

An interesting (is it?) little side-note on this set. I recently switched to using Lightroom on my iPad for culling and editing photos, instead of using Apple Photos, and it’s so much quicker. This was the first set of photos I tried it with, as they’d sat unedited in an album of hundreds of photos, for over three years. Going through them and editing them in Lightroom was took an impressively short time.

So, it’s a car show, and this post is mostly going to be car photos. Like this:

But before we get to the rest of them, like some stupidly annoying breakfast show radio DJ trying to tease you, let’s have some photos of the people and the acts. Cars to follow.

Ready for the cars? OK, here we go…

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