Exeter Trump Protest – 2017-01-30

A week ago today, Sam and I went to Exeter to protest at the Anti-Muslim-ban demonstration. I’m a fat man in my 40s, and I’ve never been to a protest before, but there comes a point where you just have to think Fuck. This. Shit.

It was a good, friendly event, with lots of people. A few of the best photos first…

I’m not sure if people were against coat hangers, or supporting them…

The police presence consisted of two officers and a community support person, but there wasn’t much for them to do, so they played with a cute little springer spaniel instead. Didn’t seem like they were expecting any trouble.

Now for the rest full set of photos…

The US may yet be ok. They have some pretty strong checks and balances in place to protect their democracy, but at the moment they’re not doing so well. The Judicial Branch overrules the Executive Branch. Or at least, it should. If it can be strong enough, they’ll get through this. But until it gets there, the rest of the world has to support them, and we can’t side with Trump.

We’re weak at the moment because of the Brexit vote, but this is too important to stand for, even if it hurts us as a country. Some people felt the same way about the EU – leaving it was worth the economic upheaval. I don’t think those people were anywhere close to a majority, though – I think a lot of people believed the promises of the Leave campaigns, and those are the people who will pay the price. To quote a terrible man, “sad.”

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