Exeter St Thomas Mosaic

We occasionally go to St Thomas in Exeter. It’s not far from the city centre, so if we’re travelling from Tiverton, it seems like we might as well go to the main city centre where there’s a lot more of pretty much everything. But St Thomas has a couple of advantages. It’s not often crowded, and there’s a decent amount of free parking. Quick to get in and out, and no messing about with parking machines – more important than the actual cost most of the time. Everything is in a fairly small area too, which makes it convenient. None of that is very relevant to this post, really, but there you go.

There’s a bridge near the shops, with the railway line going over the road. Alongside the road is a separated tunnel for pedestrians. And in the tunnel is a mosaic. Now we get to the point. The mosaic. I took some photos of it one day. Here they are.

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