Exeter Pride 2017

Sam and I went to Exeter Pride – it was my first Pride event. I’m not really part of the LGTBQ thing – I’m straight and cis, but I do support the idea that people should be however and whoever they are, and love whoever they love. Well, more accurately, I can’t begin to understand why anyone would think otherwise on those things. It was a nicely friendly and open event, though, with lots of colour around, as you’d expect.

We didn’t stay very long – neither of us have much love of large crowds or loud music events, but it looked like it was settling in to be a good afternoon for everyone.

Anyway, Mr Horse seemed to be enjoying it.

There were plenty of flags around Exeter, even outside the event.

A lot of people seemed quite keen to get there.

Sam had left her beard at home, but soon got a more colourful one painted on.

There was wonderful hair.

And Sam found some great drag queens.

Exeter’s MP, or more strictly speaking at the moment, Labour candidate, Ben Bradshaw, was there to meet people and speak at the opening.

And there were plenty of happy doggos enjoying the show too.

Those photos again, and a few more, in the gallery below…

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