True Story: Business Card

This story is about a boss in a previous job, who I won’t name. We’ll call him Dave. Because that’s not his name. Dave wasn’t my direct boss, but was a couple of levels above me – sometimes directly, and sometimes off to the side a bit, depending on where things had been reorganised that year.

Dave was meeting with a vendor, who he was fairly seriously considering doing business with. The vendor arrived for their meeting, they exchanged business cards, then Dave pointed him to the meeting room, and popped to the toilet on before they got started. Things were going well, and all looked likely to go ahead.

They stopped for a break, had some coffee, and the vendor went to the toilet. From that point on, the vendor had a completely different attitude. He acted like he didn’t want to be there, brushed off any discussion of moving forward, then made excuses to leave with no plans for going further. Dave was very confused.

Then, Dave went to the toilet again. Coffee does that to you.

There, in the urinal, face-up, was the vendor’s business card.

Dave must have dropped it as he did himself up before the meeting.

By time the vendor went to the toilet and saw it, quite a few people had pissed all over it. He must have assumed it was deliberate, and that he wasn’t especially welcome.

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