True Story: SPARCstation Warning

When I was at university (Aston, in Birmingham) we had a lab of Sun SPARCstations. Not great by modern standards, but powerful machines at the time. I’m guessing their OS, Solaris, didn’t take well to losing power without being properly shut down, because there were warning notices on the wall telling us all that switching off any SPARCstation would be considered an act of vandalism equivalent to throwing a chair through the window.

I never tried it.

I did once, though, put a floppy disk in one of them. Turned out they didn’t have floppy drives, just the face-plate where one could have been fitted, complete with the slot for the disk. It just disappeared inside the machine.

I probably wasn’t the only one to do that, because later I noticed they’d fitted cable-ties across the front of all the slots. It was my own moment of ‘it’s because of me they had to do that’.

SPARCstation photo by Edward Tomasz Napierała on Flickr.

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