Getting a TV – LG 4k 43”

We haven’t had a TV for a long time. Last TV we bought was a CRT. Big and heavy, but only, I think, a 21” screen. Seemed big at the time.

Back in those days, TVs weren’t smart. They used coax and SCART sockets, and other than displaying the signal they were sent from an aerial or set-top box, the most advanced thing they did was teletext. Remember that?

After quite a bit of reading, I went for a 43” TV from LG. Their webOS seems pretty nice, and has a mildly interesting history. It was originally developed by Palm to be the successor to PalmOS, went to HP for a while, who open sourced it, and ended up being adopted by LG to be the OS for their TVs. Designed for pocket devices with tiny screens, ending up on big screen TVs. I liked LGs use of security and privacy as a selling point. It doesn’t guarantee the OS is actually better than others at that stuff, but it makes it more harmful for them if they were to be caught out doing Bad Things.

A voucher code giving 10% off meant Argos was a good deal, and we could pick it up locally in Tiverton.

Setup was pretty easy – screw on the base, plug in power and network (cabled for better performance) and power on. Update a few apps and the OS, and we were good to go. There are apps for watching most channels available, and they mostly work well. The quality for Netflix and BBC is very good. UK Play isn’t so good, but at least we can watch Dave Gorman now, which is something I’d recommend doing a lot of.

The Plex app is the best part – makes it really nice and easy to watch stuff stored on our iMac, though we’re in the process of replacing that with a NAS unit now.

My other favourite thing about it is having remotes replaced by apps. As long as the TV is on, there’s an iOS app that works as a remote, including a virtual trackpad, which makes the TV much easier to control. The Plex app does a similar thing, but even better. The apps, on iOS or the web, know what output devices are available, and can send media to them. So I can browse stuff to watch on my iPhone, with the database stored on the iMac (or now, on the NAS unit) and send what we want to watch to the TV.


  1. Good choice to watch TOS on the new telly. I hear the HD remastered version looks great. I didn’t realise that (bits of) PalmOS are still around. Cool.

    • The remastered version is really good – looks better than TNG now, and they’ve completely remade the external shots of the Enterprise, so it looks good even by modern standards.

      Nice to see a bit of Palm OS still lingering on, on a rather bigger screen than it was designed for!

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