A Bunch of Small Changes

I started tonight by scheduling a few photos to post over the next week and a half, then remembered something I wanted to look into with WordPress. I enabled the ‘likes’ feature, since it seems to be getting some use through WordPress’ own system anyway. I then remembered that I’d been coming round to the idea I should remove the ads from the header and sidebar on PigPog, so I did that.

That got me thinking that single post pages needed a ‘home’ link in the top left, so I worked out how to add that, and prevented the titles from linking to their own page while I was at it. Things were a bit slow loading while I was doing this, which reminded me that I’d disabled the cache plugin long ago when it had caused trouble, so I re-enabled that, and set it up to be a bit more gentle, to hopefully prevent it causing trouble again.

I then remembered that I had a Cloudflare account I’d never actually used, because it had seemed too complicated to be worth the trouble at the time. But I’ve used it at work since then, and if I could do it there, doing it for PigPog should be relatively simple. So I enabled that.

The result should be everything working much faster here, along with looking a bit better.

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