Shoot Story: Short Unexpected Shoot With Charlie

Charlie is a very good friend, and had mentioned that she’d like to try a photo shoot when she next visited. As it was, she wasn’t with us for very long, so we hadn’t really got time, and hadn’t planned anything. Our car needed his MoT, though, and while he was at the garage, we went to St Thomas in Exeter, where there’s a nice little shopping area with a few Pokéstops and plenty of charity shops.

After Charlie and I had walked to a nearby Pokémon gym for a battle she needed to do, we met Sam back at a cafe. I wandered off behind the shops while Sam and Charlie had coffee, just to see what was there. It turned out to be a handy area with graffiti on the walls, an old railway bridge, and steps going up to the top levels above the shops.

As I was looking around, Charlie came round to join me, and I mentioned that this looked like a good location for a modelling shoot. She agreed, so I asked if she wanted to do a quick shoot there and then. She did.

Obviously, or this post would be badly titled, and not very interesting.

We got some nice shots in front of some metal shutters, but I screwed up the focussing, so they didn’t really work. Some more with Charlie next to a rusty bollard worked much better, and I love the shots of her looking back over her shoulder at me.

She likes her Converse.

I spotted the steps, and went for one of my ‘go-to’ shots. I climbed the stairs, and shot straight down on Charlie, with her looking up.


All in, from the timestamps on the photos, we were only shooting for about eight minutes. A very short shoot, but we got some good photos, and I’m hoping we get chance to have another go at some point soon.

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