Shoot Story: Lauren and Holli in Exmouth

One thing I didn’t know when I first contacted Holli was that she already knew Lauren a little. Lauren had been the first person I’d done a modelling shoot with. They got on well, but hadn’t had chance to get together other than meeting fairly briefly, so Sam and I suggested getting together in Exmouth.

We picked Lauren up, and headed to Exmouth where we met up with Holli. We did most of the photos at Manor Park Gardens, a park between the town centre and the sea front. We were there as friends first, so I started with a few non-modelling photos.

After that, we decided to make the most of it being nicely autumnal, and play with some leaves. Sam joined in for a few photos too, and Lauren and Holli had fun throwing leaves around.

The park has quite a few benches. Park benches. That’s probably how they get the name. So we took a bunch of photos of Lauren, Holli, and Lauren and Holli, sitting on the benches.

We were pretty much done with the photos, then, but we did go and wander along the sea front for a while, grabbing a few more there.

We finished up by sitting outside at a pub, where Sam was having a coffee. It was the first shoot I’d done since getting my iPad Pro, and I loved the way it gets photos from the SD card so much faster than my old iPad Mini could. I grabbed the photos, processed a few straight away, and shared them using iMessage with Lauren and Holli. It was nice to be able to show and share some of the best photos before we’d even finished the day.

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