We got a bean to cup machine. Before that, we had (and still have) a Nespresso, but it’s relatively expensive to run, and disposing of the pods is a bit of a pain. We’ve wanted to get a bean to cup machine for quite a while, but when one came up at a much better price than usual, under £160, we decided to go for it.

It’s the entry-level model from DeLonghi, but it’s very good. The first cups of coffee before adjusting and tweaking settings were decent – at least as good as the Nespresso, which is to say, something I’d find ok at a Starbucks or Costa. After a bit of practice and experimenting, it was producing coffee I wouldn’t be too disappointed in at a good local coffee shop.

So then we went to one of the best local coffee shops, Ivan’s Cafe in Halberton, and got some good beans. Now it’s producing coffee as good as all but the best coffee shops. Yes, Ivan can do better, but it’s making really good espresso, without costing much to run, and being really easy to look after.

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