Shoot Story: First Shoot with Jake and Jade

I’d found Jade on PurplePort, and replied to a casting call. They live quite close, and we quickly planned to do a shoot. Then Jake also put a casting call up, so I replied to that one too, and suggested we could just do both at once. They both liked the idea of a couple shoot, as well as getting photos of each them separately, and it was a bit different to what I’d done so far, so I was up for trying it.

We started in a bit of woodland in Willand. There was a handy log to sit on, and stand on. It was as easy as falling off a log. No, they didn’t. Yes, ok, I did, but only a bit.

We moved on to a subway they knew. The way of getting under a road, that is, not the sandwich shop. Probably a better place for a photoshoot, but it didn’t contain a BMT on Italian Herb & Cheese bread, so maybe a sandwich shop would have been better. We used the ramp to the subway for a bit of height for different angles, and a it had good wall.

We had a go at using the subway itself for some leading lines, using my torch for light, which worked kind of ok, but not great.

We figured we’d probably about used up the possibilities of Willand, so we headed to Tiverton, starting at the canal, which is a couple of minutes away from where I live.

We used parts of the old lime kilns there for some shots, using the torch for light again, blinding Jake. Sorry, Jake.

There’s a big heap of rocks there, too, which they managed to climb onto.

We felt the need to get a bit more gritty and urban after that, so we headed for Tiverton Youth Club, which has some good graffiti walls.

We had a few more ideas, but at that point it was starting to rain, and we decided to stop there.

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