A Dead iPad Pro

The Friday before last had a sad ending. I took my iPad out of my bag, and tried to switch it on. It was dead. I kind of gave that away in the title, didn’t I? It’s quite new – the 11″ iPad Pro, only around 2 months old.

I tried powering off, but it wasn’t responding to the usual trick (Power button and either volume button held down). I looked up how to force a reset – it’s a strange little dance of pressing and releasing volume up then volume down, then pressing and holding the power button, but it wasn’t responding to that either. It seemed to by trying to switch on, as I could see the backlight coming on. I plugged it in to charge, and left it for a while, but it didn’t help.

I went through a troubleshooting guide on Apple’s site, which ended with ‘call Apple’, so I set up the call. They called back in a minute or two, and I spoke to a very friendly man in Ireland, but once I explained what I’d tried, he agreed it was dead and needed to be taken to the Apple Store. He couldn’t set up an appointment on Saturday, and I was busy on Sunday, so he suggested just turning up, as early as possible, on the Saturday.

So I did that. They couldn’t help either, though they did try a couple of extra steps I hadn’t done. Connecting it to a Mac running iTunes didn’t recognise it, but connecting it then doing the little ‘force reset dance’ did see it, and attempted to push a new copy of iOS onto it. When complete, though, it was still the same, so at that point it was declared officially dead.

That’s where it should have been quick and easy – replacement time. The problem was they didn’t have any of the right model in stock, so I had to leave with my broken iPad to await a notification when they had them. Well, it didn’t take too long. The email arrived on Tuesday to tell me it was in, so I went to the store that night. Got there ten minutes before closing, and was given a shiny new iPad quickly enough to be leaving before they closed.

All in all, impressively good service – easy to talk to someone, easy to get seen at the store, and even when they didn’t have stock to replace it straight away, it still didn’t take long to have a new replacement in my hands.

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