Shoot Story: Second Shoot with Samantha

As we’d had to cut our first shoot short due to the weather (which thought it was funny to stop raining as soon as we’d parted) Sammie was up for doing another shoot the following weekend, and so was I. She’d been great the first time, and I was keen to have more time to photograph her.

This time, we started at the Phoenix, with a few shots outside the back, using some wooden panelling, an old piano, the stairs, and a black and white patterned wall. We even made friends with a little robin.

As we sat outside with coffee, a gull walked across the awning. Its feet scraped on the canvas as it tried to walk uphill, and it sounded more like a record scratch. Yup. That’s me. You’re probably wondering…

We used the low winter sun to get some shots with the interesting afternoon light before we left.

An interesting curved wall with an interesting looking alley behind made for some good shots. The alley reminded me of Harry Potter, but that was probably because we’d just watched all the films over Christmas, for the first time. Yes, we held out for a long time, but I have to admit, they were good films.

A witchy mural became another background, then a wall that had been covered with many posters, mostly removed, leaving layers behind.

A little set of steps to an interesting door (probably just a fire escape, and not actually interesting, but things are more interesting when they’re mysterious) was a handy place for Sammie to sit.

The gate leading to Rougemont Gardens is always good – a big sun thing painted in rainbow colours.

At that point, we were at Exeter Library, so we decided to go up on the roof garden, which was good for a few more shots.

A bit more wandering found us a graffiti-covered metal door, which fit pretty well with Sammie’s style. Then there was a nicely rough-looking window, and a big metal gate. All good for rough black and white shots.

I love the sculptures on High Street in Exeter. One of them is made of shiny metal, which makes for some really strange reflection shots. I’ve used it quite a few times.

The old ruins in Princesshay were next, then a wall near Cathedral Green, bringing us close to the end of our shoot.

For a final few, back at Guildhall, we used the narrow alley that was called Parliament Street because it was narrow and useless. One of the narrowest streets in the world, but not quite the record holder. These shots were inspired by photos @faenjeggiropp took of @oliviajtucker (her blog) – the lines of the brick walls do a great job of drawing the eye to the model – lovely framing.

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