Shoot Story: Lauren Around Tiverton

Another shoot with Lauren? Well, yeah. Of course. It’s Lauren.

We started with some photos in the graveyard at St Peter’s Church in Tiverton. Well, it’s conveniently located for us, and has some good trees.

At this point, I thought it was about time we had a play with the Lensbaby.

(What? A weird lens. The lens itself is mounted in a ball-joint, so it can be twisted around. You can swap out different optic units – these were using the double glass optic. The standard optic units have just a small spot in the centre that’s in good focus, with everything else sort of smearing out when blurred. But because it’s mounted in the ball joint, you can change where the ‘centre’ point actually is in the frame. Technically, they’re terrible lenses, but they make an interesting look that you really can’t get any other way. Look out for them in dream scenes, or scene-setting outside shots in films and TV shows. Anyway, where were we?)

Some portraits first, because, as I’ve mentioned before, Lauren has this face…

There was a wonderfully twisty tree with moss all over the branches, which worked perfectly with the weirdness of the Lensbaby.

After that, we went for a really exotic location. The steps leading to our door at home. They’re nicely rusty. Maybe not so nice when you’re walking up them and can see holes through the surface you’re walking on, three floors above the ground, but they look good in photos.

For a few final shots, we used our car as a prop – Lauren got in, and I photographed her through the windows, using reflections to add a bit of framing around her face.

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