Shoot Story: Holli in Sidmouth

We wanted to meet up with Holli again, including doing a little shoot, and we settled on a trip to Sidmouth. It’s not far from where she lived at the time, and it’s a nice little seaside town that we don’t go to very often.

Before we got started, Sam jumped in for the first shot on the beach.

We happened on a nice little park, which I think might be called the Ham. It seems to be used as a location for events, and also has a play area for children, and edges onto the river. It also had a rather interesting wall with fish on it.

I switched to the Lensbaby to get some nicely weird shots too.

I couldn’t resist a chunk of wall that had fallen into the river.

Then back to Holli.

Oh, and she was wearing the most wonderful boots.

See? I think this was the Ham. I didn’t see the tank, though, and any sort of large propelled gun would have stood out in that park.

Finally, we spotted Sam’s Woof Wash.

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