Shoot Story: Lauren at the Canal

We didn’t have a lot of time with Lauren for this shoot, so we kept it simple. Just a bit of time at the canal, which is close to where Sam and I live. Fortunately, the end of the Grand Western Canal in Tiverton has a good variety of places for photos. We started with Lauren sitting on the grating over one of the old lime kilns, next to the canal.

The railings behind can make for a good effect if positioned right and blurred out nicely.

We did a few nice simple portraits using the benches next to the canal, too.

Over to another bench for some slightly longer shots.

There’s a playground area that’s relatively new there, and the wooden swan was pretty appealing.

Then a few more simple portraits. I know, it’s a lot, but Lauren’s got this face, you know?

Finally, we headed down to the car park level, and used a torch in a dark lime kiln.

Normally, that would be it, but we messed about a bit too, so as a bonus, we have some outtakes. Not the sort of shots I’d normally post as part of a modelling shoot, but they’re fun.

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