Sunny Shoot with Samantha

I’d done three shoots with Samantha already, and we were both ready for another. As usual (with the exception of the Twisted Boudoir shoot) we didn’t start with any sort of a plan, we just met up and headed for Exeter Quayside to start with.

We found a floating concrete platform with canoes, and got started. Yes. Concrete. Floating. Probably a lot of air-filled barrels under the concrete.

The side is nicely rusty metal, which made a good background too.

There are steps going down to it, so you can get good height differences.

We moved on to the red and white buoy, which is always good for some interesting shots. Sam joined in, most impressed with Samantha’s boots.

We used the river for a few more shots.

After that, Samantha fancied a bit more of a natural look, so we decided to go to Bickleigh Mill. I’d photographed Lauren around there before, and while there’s only a small area with a lake and a few trees, there’s a lot of variety in a small space.

I’d bought a small sheet of diffraction grating film, which can add rainbows anywhere there’s a light source, and it was sunny, so we had a play with that.

Bit of an odd effect – I don’t think I’ll use it much, but it’s tiny and weighs almost nothing, so it’s good to keep handy.

Got a couple of shots with Samantha flicking her hair over, with the sun shining behind – looked pretty good.

At that point, we headed for Tiverton. Samantha hadn’t modelled there before, so it would be new for her, and I live there so I know a few places quite well. We started with a couple of shots in the market car park.

From there, St Peter’s Church is only a couple of minutes walk, and has an old graveyard, some interesting trees, and, obviously, an interesting church. Samantha’s outfit was a bit on the satanic side, so it seemed inappropriate enough to work.

By that point, Samantha was getting tired, and we’d been going for a long time, so we decided to make that it. We took her home, and said goodbye, until the next shoot.

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