Lustful Lavender in Westward Ho!

I know some photographers won’t work with any model until they’ve got a real name, mobile number, and preferably a home address. I’ve never really understood the need for that. If a model doesn’t want to share their personal details, it’s fine by me, and I don’t usually even ask. But in this case, it meant the only name I had for this model was ‘Lustful Lavender’. Shortening to her ‘first name’ doesn’t feel right, so we’ll go with calling her Lavender for short.

The shoot was in Westward Ho!, which Sam and I hadn’t been to before, and it turned out to be a very beautiful place. It was very quiet there, without many people about, so it was easy to meet up with Lavender and her partner. They were both very easy to get on with, and we started with coffee at a local place they knew. Her partner checked with them, and they were ok with us using the outside area for the shoot, so we started there.

There’s an old abandoned house right up on the edge of the sea, which is being renovated now, but still looked good in the background.

Then we took a walk into the woods above the sea front, and Lavender did a quick change into a corset, with a flowing skirt and cape.

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