Lauren and Caz, from Tiverton to Exeter

Caz is friends with Lauren, and Lauren was the first model I worked with, and the reason I started doing this in the first place. Caz was interested in the idea of doing a shoot, but wasn’t so confident about what to do, so the obvious answer was to do a shoot along with Lauren, so she had both a friend and someone with a bit of experience there. Sam came along too, so it was a bit of a mix of meeting a new friend, having a bit of a day out with friends, and modelling shoot. A good combination.

We started out at the Grand Western Canal. It’s close to home for Sam and I, and meant we could start with tea/coffee and food, and get to know each other a bit. For some reason that led straight into a stick battle, which was a fun challenge with manual focus lenses, but gave us some fun shots.

We then went to Tiverton Youth Club – it’s got some good street art, and it was where it all started with Lauren.

After that, we thought Bickleigh Mill might be a good place to go. Partly the lure of somewhere with seats and coffee, but it’s got some interesting little bridges too, which make for some interesting setups.

To add a bit of variety, we then headed on to Exeter. By time we got there, it was raining, but since Lauren and Caz both had umbrellas, we made good use of them, and got a few extra shots around Guildhall.

That was it for the day, so it was over to Lauren and Caz to put their first album together – they have a cover now:

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