Shoot Story: A Long Day with Lauren

The story of a long photoshoot with Lauren, with multiple locations, and an outfit change.

The plan for the day didn’t start as a photoshoot. We were going to Exeter Comic Con, and Lauren was coming with us. She’s come with us a couple of times before, and while it’s a pretty small con, it’s pretty enjoyable, and a lot less crowded than most.

I don’t cosplay at all (though I have had a couple of occasions of people thinking they know who I’m cosplaying – no, I just dress like this every day) and Sam was cosplaying as The Cinema Snob. Lauren wasn’t quite cosplaying as such, but she was wearing a Lolita dress she’d made herself, which looked amazing. We’d planned on taking a few photos of her in the dress after the con, at least.

Once we’d done with the con, we decided to start with a few photos around the back of Westpoint Arena, and in the car park. There was plenty of space, so I could blur out the background nicely, and Lauren could spin around making the dress fly.

We decided to head back towards Tiverton, but stop at Ivan’s for coffee on the way, and to take some more photos in the cafe garden. Ivan makes great coffee, and the garden is a nice place to spend time too, with some interesting sculptures and the edge of the farm that Halberton Court Farm Shop is attached to.

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The sculptures made for some interesting shots, with Lauren playing a giant.

On the next page (this post was getting a bit big for some devices to cope with) there are more photos at Ivan’s, then we go for an outfit change and another location, shooting into the low sun at Bickleigh Mill…

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