Rosi at Exeter Central Station

I’d photographed Rosi once before, but I didn’t know it at the time. She’d been at Exeter Pride 2019, and I’d taken a photo of her holding a banner with some colleagues from Ikea. Sam knew her already, and mentioned the idea of modelling to her, and she was quite keen to have a go. So we arranged to meet up at Exeter Central Station.

The part I hadn’t really thought of was that stations tend not to have open access to the platforms now, and we weren’t going anywhere, so we didn’t have tickets. It seemed pretty unlikely to me that they’d let us through just so we could use the station for a modelling shoot, but Rosi’s charm turned out to be quite persuasive, and we were all waved through the barriers by smiling staff.

Benches are always good props – on of the reasons parks are so handy for an easy shoot, but benches in stations are just as good.

Walls often work, too, especially when you find a nice old stone wall like this one.

Rosi wanted some photos showing off her very meaningful tattoos.

Then some railings and a window reflection.

We ended by using the bridge on the way back out of the station for some leading lines – I love the effect in these, especially when Rosi broke out a big smile.

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