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Jake the Woodland Elf

When you happen on an elf fishing in the woods, don’t interrupt.

Jake (who we previously saw with Jade) posted on Instagram about his elf ears arriving, and how much he wanted to do a shoot as an elf. So I dropped him a message. He knew a handy bit of woods and river near where he lived, so off we went.

We stayed in one place, so there isn’t much story to tell beyond that – we got some good photos, and it was a nice little place to be for a while. Quiet, with river and trees. I’ll admit the ears aren’t the most convincing prosthetics, but we worked with what we had as best we could, and I think it turned out well enough.

We made a spear so Jake’s elf could do a bit of spear fishing.

Top tip: if you ever happen on a woodland elf busy fishing, try not to interrupt.

To get a bit more of a weird fantasy feel, I got the Lensbaby out for a few final shots. The Lensbaby makes anything weird.

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