Jake the Woodland Elf

Jake (who we previously saw with Jade) posted on Instagram about his elf ears arriving, and how much he wanted to do a shoot as an elf. So I dropped him a message. He knew a handy bit of woods and river near where he lived, so off we went.

We stayed in one place, so there isn’t much story to tell beyond that – we got some good photos, and it was a nice little place to be for a while. Quiet, with river and trees. I’ll admit the ears aren’t the most convincing prosthetics, but we worked with what we had as best we could, and I think it turned out well enough.

We made a spear so Jake’s elf could do a bit of spear fishing.

Top tip: if you ever happen on a woodland elf busy fishing, try not to interrupt.

To get a bit more of a weird fantasy feel, I got the Lensbaby out for a few final shots. The Lensbaby makes anything weird.

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