Lavender Doorway


  1. I enjoy your photos of people – I wish I has such models! – but I have to say that with this shot you’ve definitely moved up a level. What am I looking at here? Well, the wooden “frame” and framing; the model’s dynamic pose; and the striking red and black of her hair and dress. Very good image. A 🙂

    • Thank you, Adrian, I appreciate that. There’s no shortage of really great models in Bristol – I wish it was a bit closer, because there are plenty I’d love to work with!

      Oddly enough, this isn’t one of my favourites – I do love the pose and the shapes, but it doesn’t feel like it says anything about the model – a striking image, but lacking in feel to me. Really glad it works better for someone else, though – photography would be nowhere near as interesting if we all loved the same things.

      • Well, when it comes to it, I’m not really a portrait photographer I suppose – I don’t think in terms of saying anything about the “sitter” – tho I have done many portraits. But you final sentence says it all – thank heavens we all have different visual tastes! Very good to talk to you. A 🙂

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