Exmouth Beach with Rosi

We last saw Rosi at Exeter Central Station. She’d enjoyed the shoot, and was keen to have another go. The weather was really good, so we decided on a trip to Exmouth. Sam and I picked Rosi up and we headed for the beach.

Rosi started with dungarees and a sports top – and we started at the end of the beach where there’s a red cliff face and big rocks.

Rosi decided to climb up on one of the rocks.

That made for a different angle, with the background a good distance away for a bit of bokeh.

At this point, Rosi switched out the sports top for a white t-shirt, and produced a plushy heart with arms. She had a plan of jumpting. It was a good plan.

Now we wanted some real beach shots, so we moved to get the sea behind Rosi, and I swapped out to my old Canon FD 58mm f/1.2 lens. It’s a lens from the 1960s, with a bit of a colour cast that works rather well on a sunny beach. It’s not particularly sharp, and hard to get the bokeh you really want it to give in full sunlight, but I have a nice big variable ND filter to cut the light down to a more manageable level, and letting it overexpose a little can do ok in such bright sunlight, I think.

At this point, Rosi announced “It’s time to get daring!” and reached for the bottom of her t-shirt. I got the camera back up and shooting again pretty quickly.

We did some fairly close shots first, with the dungarees back up over the bikini top.

Now Rosi decided to take the dungarees off and get her feet wet.

Even on a hot sunny day, the sea down at Exmouth isn’t really what you could call ‘warm’. You could probably call it ‘cold’. But as they say, in for a penny, in for a pound, so Rosi got in the sea. I doubt anyone has ever told Rosi to get in the sea, but there you go. In she went. Fortunately for us, really, because it looked so good…

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