Rosi at Crediton Station

This was a shoot that didn’t really go according to plan, but turned out really well anyway. The plan was that Rosi was doing some sort of little event at Crediton Station with her samba dance instructor, and wanted some photos of them dancing. Not really a modelling shoot, but she wanted the photos, so it was more of a favour for a friend. But close to the time, things changed, and the event was cancelled.

But Rosi decided to go along anyway with her samba dancing dress, so it turned into another shoot.

Before we continue, though, let’s talk about Crediton Station. No, wait, blog posts don’t really work like that. I’ll talk about it, and you can read about it. It’s nice. It’s a good station. I don’t know why, but Crediton Station has been kept in a really retro style, but quite well maintained. It’s not just old, it’s been looked after, but in an old-fashioned style. It’s also accessible, with no barriers, and as far as I could tell, no staff around. Just a nice little small town railway station.

We’re still not quite ready for the samba dress, Rosi started out in jeans, so we started with that.

After that, Rosi went to change into the dress, so I let the station distract me again.

With the distractions over, Rosi started dancing and I started photographing her.

Sam had come along too, and got pulled in for a quick dance.

Oooh, look, the ceiling is pretty. I got distracted again.

A bit of colour matching presented itself in the form of a postbox in the wall. And the cello? No, no idea, there were a few musical instruments left lying outside, laid out in a decorative way. I don’t know why, but I do know I really like this station.

Next came a bit of role play – Rosi pretended to be waiting for a train. Well, it’s a station, it’s kind of what you do there.

A nice metal sign with some railings seemed like a good background.

There’s a bridge over the railway like – a proper old open bridge, so we made plenty of use of that, starting with Rosi on the stairs.

Up on the bridge there were railings that looked like a good chance to lean on and hold onto, so Rosi got a grip.

When you’ve gone up there, the only way to go is back down, but we took another chance for some shots on the stairs.

I then hit on the idea of doing some photos from the other side of the railway line – Rosi on the other side from where we started, but me back over where we’d been. It seemed like a good plan until a train arrived.

Fortunately it didn’t stop for long, so we carried on and got a lot more photos with Rosi playing around with the waiting room doorway.

To finish off, I grabbed another shot as Rosi came down the stairs again, then we got a couple of shots with Sam too.

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